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Many want to try their hand at online trading because it has become so popular. Anyone without prior knowledge or experience, however, has limited options.

The Bit 800 Eprex team couldn't let this go on for much longer, so Bit 800 Eprex was launched. It provides you with the tools you need to hopefully be the crypto trader that you want. You can use it to learn about the market movements and make trading decisions!

Understanding Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is a type of electronic currency, and Bitcoin is just one of several. You can use Bitcoin to conduct anonymous and secure transactions or store your wealth as an investment. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be launched, and it was quickly used as a means of payment for purchasing goods and conducting transactions.

It was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, a group or person that published a whitepaper detailing its function. The gender or identity of the creator is unknown. Nakamoto stepped away from the Bitcoin scene before it became mainstream.

With traditional banking transactions, a third party (the financial institution) is always involved, which results in hefty transaction fees for the services it provides. Bitcoin was marketed as a way to do business without the need for an intermediary and the associated fees.

Instead of relying on a financial institution, Bitcoin relies on cryptographic proof to protect its validity. Because governments create fiat currencies, they own them. The reality is that in an emergency, the authorities may restrict you from accessing your money. It can also put a hold on your banking accounts for a variety of reasons.

That isn't possible with Bitcoin because it isn't owned by any government, institution, or political party.

Why Bitcoin?

Although many have now realized the value Bitcoin holds, they are still skeptical about investing. This is because Bitcoin isn't as affordable as it used to be, and an investment in one Bitcoin token will cost you over $15,000.

Is it really a good investment for 2023 investors? The answer is that it might be! Many investors are cautious because of the uncertainty of investing in cryptocurrencies, while others want to invest because of the potential for growth.

Bitcoin is undoubtedly a game-changing technology and may be less risky as an investment in 2023 than it was 10 years ago. After it became legal tender in El Salvador, other governments may want to emulate the country's move in order to attract innovation. In contrast, others may prohibit it outright in order to save existing fiat currencies.

The cryptocurrency has risen to prominence in the international geopolitical landscape, and as some experts suggest, 2023 appears to be the year of widespread acceptance. Moreover, because of its increasing popularity and use cases, the value of the virtual currency is predicted by some analysts to grow to over $100,000 in the future.

Explore the trading platform and learn how to trade on Bitcoin with Bit 800 Eprex!

What Is Bit 800 Eprex?

Bit 800 Eprex is an online marketplace where investors and traders can go to place buy and sell positions on Bitcoin from anywhere in the world.

It also allows users to access the tools they need to analyze market trends, execute orders, and more and provides a simple and easy-to-use interface that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed! Whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader, you’ll find that Bit 800 Eprex might have everything you need to hopefully succeed as a crypto investor or trader

How Does Bit 800 Eprex Work?

To trade on the platform, you'll have to create a trading account, deposit the amount in fiat currency and open trades that speculate on the price of Bitcoin.

You'll need to wrap your head around the technology behind the platform and figure out how to interpret the data. This is why it is highly recommended that all beginners start by attending an online trading course or spending time learning how to read graphs and analyze trends.

Cryptos like Bitcoin are decentralized, indicating that they are not created or supported by a central authority such as a bank or political party. Instead, they're distributed across a secure network referred to as a blockchain.

What Can You Do with Bit 800 Eprex?

Bit 800 Eprex allows traders to choose their own trading style and strategy. You always have control! Here are some of the trading methods you can use when trading on the Platform:

Day Trading

Day trading allows you to take advantage of daily price fluctuations. It suggests that you will open and close your position within one day, which means you won't be exposed to the market at night.

The possible benefit of this is that you won't have to pay for overnight maintenance. If you're trying to benefit from Bitcoin's short-term changes in price, this method might be for you.

Bitcoin Hedging

Hedging involves taking an opposing position to your current position to try and reduce your exposure to risk. If you are worried about the market trends moving in the opposite direction, this may be a great strategy to adopt.

Trend Trading

Taking a position that corresponds to the recent market trend is known as trend trading. Suppose the market is in a bullish trend. In that case, you would go LONG.

On the other hand, if it is in a bearish trend, you would go SHORT. If the trend slowed or reversed, you'd close your position and open a new one to reflect the latest market trend.

Bit 800 Eprex Features

01. Use it on any device

You won’t have to sit down at your desk all day to trade. Bit 800 Eprex has a mobile version, so you can access it from the browser on your smartphone to trade on the go!

02. Top-notch security

In addition to keeping your personal information safe, Bit 800 Eprex also ensures that your crypto assets are secure, thanks to encryption and other high-grade security features.

03. Easy sign-up

If you want to get started, simply complete the registration form, talk to an account manager, and get trading!

04. Low start-up costs

Unlike other trading platforms that charge exorbitant fees and initial deposits, investing with Bit 800 Eprex is cost-effective, and you won't need to have a large sum to get started.

05. Several payment methods

Making deposits and withdrawals is easy with Bit 800 Eprex because it supports a wide range of payment gateways.

06. One-on-one assistance

When you sign up, you will have an account manager who will take care of your questions and give you all the information you need to understand the big picture in the Bitcoin world.

What Steps Should You Take to Sign Up with Bit 800 Eprex?

If you’re ready to begin trading with Bit 800 Eprex, follow these simple steps to get started:


The first step is to complete the registration form. You’ll be asked to provide the platform with your name, surname, country, email address, and phone number. Ensure that these details are correct before hitting “Submit.”


One of the reasons why Bit 800 Eprex is excellent for beginners is because all new users receive help from a representative. This account manager will assist you with setting up your account, understanding how it all works, and guide you all the way.


Now that you have access to your Bit 800 Eprex trading account, if you wish to start trading live, you will need to make your first deposit. Fortunately, the platform doesn’t require a large deposit.


After you’ve funded the account, you’re ready to get in on the action. However, you must spend time familiarizing yourself with the platform and trying out the order execution tools before trading live.

The demo mode will allow you to do this. Practice trading and perfect your strategy before trying your hand at live trading!

More Bit 8.0 Eprex Features

Bit 800 Eprex has an impressive list of features. Here’s what you get when you sign up for a trading account:


Because Bit 800 Eprex supports numerous payment methods, including bank wires, you'll have no trouble transferring funds into and out of your trading account. You also won't have to spend an hour figuring out how to link a payment gateway because the platform will guide you every step of the way, also can withdraw your available funds at any given time.


Providing exceptional tools at an affordable price is the heart of what Bit 800 Eprex does! You will never be left in the dark because Bit 800 Eprex prides itself on being transparent about costs and related fees as well.


It's no secret that public sentiment and the media can have a significant impact on the price of Bitcoin. Therefore, traders must stay up to date with the latest crypto news to hopefully help them better understand changes in market trends.

You will not have to switch from one tab to another to hear about the latest news since Bit 800 Eprex provides you access to important articles to hopefully help you decide whether to open or close a position.


The parameters, trading tools, and other aspects of trading might be intimidating to inexperienced traders. As a result, Bit 800 Eprex allows users to try out its platform for free!

A demo mode is a crucial part of any Bitcoin trading platform since it lets traders put it to the test before committing, which is not something you will find in a scam trading platform!


Bit 800 Eprex uses the latest technology to ensure its platform is easy to use, hassle-free, and secure. Because you will be investing money using the platform, it is essential that it is protected.

The Bit 800 Eprex team works hard to ensure that the platform’s safety is never compromised and that its users’ information and crypto assets are always safe.

Bitcoin may have a lot to offer investors. Although it may seem daunting, trading on one of the most popular cryptocurrencies may be a good decision to make!

Bit 8.0 Eprex - Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join the Bit 800 Eprex?

Everyone is welcome to trade with Bit 800 Eprex. The features will undoubtedly appeal to experienced traders. You have complete control over your trading activities and get access to trading signals, which can hopefully assist you with determining when it's time to make a move.

Is Bit 800 Eprex Accessible from a Mobile Phone?

Yes! Because the developers sought to create a platform that was accessible to the average person, they worked hard to create a mobile version of the platform that could be accessed from the browser of any device.

This means that you can trade any time, anywhere, and from any device!


No. Bit 800 Eprex supports trading on Bitcoin and a few other altcoins.

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